How often do you change your smartphone? Samsung devices get replaced faster, OnePlus used for longer

Posted by Andres Marmolejo on

NEW DELHI: A majority of potential premium smartphone buyers in India plan a replacement in next 12 months and Samsung users replace their smartphones faster than average while OnePlus users hold onto their devices for a longer time, said a new survey by Counterpoint Research on Wednesday. 
Chinese brands like OPPO, Huawei and Vivo are trying hard to break into the segment.
According to Counterpoint Research's "India Premium Smartphone Consumer Survey", replacement cycles among the potential premium smartphone buyers (who are currently using a smartphone priced above Rs  .. 
The market research firm surveyed upper-mid and premium segment (priced above Rs 20,000) Android smartphone users. The survey included 800 respondents from top cities in India. 

The survey found that almost half of the respondents are interested in spending Rs 40,000 (roughly $580) or more for their next purchase.